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Chocolat Journal

  • Ultimate Chocolate Pancake Recipe

    Here at Chocolat, we believe it doesn't need to be Shrove Tuesday to enjoy pancakes and we love sharing our chocolate related recipes, so here is a super indulgent one for a relaxed brunch or indulgent dessert.

  • Chocolate and Diabetes - can the two tango?

    Quick tricks to enjoy chocolate as a Diabetic:

    Instead of ‘diabetic’ chocolate - opt for 70% dark chocolate
    Decide how much you are going to eat then put the rest away
    Read the labels for the carb content to help adjust your insulin levels
  • HOW CHOCOLATE IS MADE-From Bean to Bar

     Harvesting - The rugby ball shaped pod, once ripened, is picked by hand and collected into baskets. One worker can harvest around 1500 pods per day, enough to produce 55kg of chocolate.
  • Chilli with Dark Chocolate-don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!

    Why not give the recipe below a go, or substitute this vegan version for your own classic chilli recipe with the cheeky addition of dark chocolate-it really works!
  • The Top 5 Benefits of Tea - And We Do Chocolate Tea!

    Did you know that the humble tea leaf has some of the most beneficial properties you can drink? Here are the top 5 benefits
  • Why do we eat Chocolate Eggs at Easter ?

    Easter is a very busy time of year for chocolatiers, because whether religious or not, most of us enjoy a chocolate egg (or 2!) around the Christian holiday. In the UK, we buy and consume 80 million Easter eggs each Easter
  • What is the difference between milk, dark and white chocolate?

    Seeing as we’re obsessed with all things chocolate here at Chocolat, we thought we would help you understand the difference between the top thee types of chocolate other than just the colour.
  • One for the Cake Bakers - And, it’s Vegan!

    This recipe is incredible and will convert any vegan cake doubters. It's so simple to throw together and it can be made using your cupboard staples. It's moist, gooey and very more-ish!

  • Is White Chocolate really Chocolate?

     Most of us have grown up with memories of the Milky Bar kid on our screens selling us creamy white chocolate bars, but can we really call it chocolate?
  • Chocolate Really DOES Grow on Trees!

    Cacao is the pure source of all the different types of chocolate in the world today. It is mainly farmed in South America and on the African continent, and guess what, it really does grow on trees!
  • Why is Chocolate so Addictive?

    Many people admit to being chocoholics and here at Chocolat, we don't blame you. It's a delicious, sweet treat that sometimes can feel addictive. In this blog, we’ll explain why many people crave chocolate and how to manage those cravings.
  • Dairy Free Chocolate Alternatives for Vegans

    Are you taking part in Veganuary this January but worried that you'll miss out on chocolate? Don't despair, because you can still satiate your chocolate cravings with plenty of mill free chocolate alternatives.