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Chocolate and Diabetes - can the two tango?

Chocolate and Diabetes - can the two tango?


There is a belief that if you have diabetes you can’t eat chocolate - you can, but just like for every chocoholic - in moderation!


Blood sugar levels

Understanding your blood sugar levels is a key part of managing diabetes. Chocolate is a treat food and contains high energy, saturated fat and sugars so if you eat a lot in one go, it can lead to a dangerous spike in your blood sugar levels. The levels can be managed by swapping out large quantities of chocolate with eating chocolate less frequently and swapping them out for healthier options like fruit, nuts and seeds.


How much chocolate can I eat as a Diabetic?

You need to try and rethink your portion size to ensure you do not eat too much sugar and carbohydrates. If you are really craving chocolate, then a high quality dark chocolate is more beneficial as it has a higher cocoa content - perfect for the occasional treat.


Quick tricks to enjoy chocolate as a Diabetic:

Instead of ‘diabetic’ chocolate - opt for 70% dark chocolate
Decide how much you are going to eat then put the rest away
Read the labels for the carb content to help adjust your insulin levels


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