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What Is The Queen's Favourite Chocolate?

As we look forward to celebrating the Queen's Platinum jubilee, we thought it'd be interesting to look into the Queen's favourite chocolate. Marking the 70th anniversary of her reign, what will she be treating herself with on the day?! 

Royal Chocolatiers

There are only a few chocolatiers who can say that they are privileged enough to make exquisite chocolates for the Queen. Charbonnel & Walker are one of those chocolatiers based on Bond Street, London who hold a Royal Warrant and have also had custom from Princess Diana and Princess Margaret. Founded in 1875, they are one of the first and finest chocolate makers in the UK.

The Queen's Taste

According to the chief chocolatier at Charbonnel & Walker, he claims that she enjoys 'floral creams' such as rose and violet, and has a list of her favourite treats that are made by the company. She is also known to adore dark chocolate, the darker the better apparently, and Bendicks Bittermints, which were given the Royal Warrant in 1962.

To celebrate the jubilee, why not treat yourself from our selection of the Queen's favourite chocolates? We have floral creams, mint chocolate and dark chocolate to enjoy over the long weekend, along with a luxury truffle selection.

Have a very royal, long weekend!