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What Is The Difference Between Milk, Dark And White Chocolate?

 Seeing as we’re obsessed with all things chocolate here at Chocolat, we thought we would help you understand the difference between the top thee types of chocolate other than just the colour.


What is white chocolate?

Surprisingly, there is absolutely no cocoa powder in white chocolate making it the complete opposite to dark chocolate in colour and flavour. It is made up of three ingredients which are are cocoa butter, sugar and milk. Some experts argue that it can’t be classified as a chocolate because it doesn’t contain any cocoa What is milk chocolate?

Milk chocolate is made up of sugar, milk, cocoa butter and cocoa powder and different milk chocolate bars can have differing percentages of cocoa in making them sweeter and milkier than others. 

What is dark chocolate?

Cocoa powder, cocoa butter and sugar make up good quality dark chocolate, the difference being that is doesn’t contain milk. That’s why people who have a dairy intolerance or are vegan can eat dark chocolate. Good quality dark chocolate bars are sold in different percentages and the higher the percentage means the higher the cocoa solids giving it a bitter and dry texture.

Sometimes soya lecithin is added to all three chocolates to make it easier for chocolatiers to work with and also a touch of vanilla essence to bring out the flavours, but it’s the ingredients of the chocolate itself that determines it’s classification.