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Why is Chocolate so Addictive?

Many people admit to being chocoholics and here at Chocolat, we don't blame you. It's a delicious, sweet treat that sometimes can feel addictive. In this blog, we’ll explain why many people crave chocolate and how to manage those cravings.

Why do I Crave Chocolate?

When you eat chocolate, as well as it tasting good because of the sugar and fat content, the hormone dopamine is released which sends a message to your nervous system giving you a pleasurable sensation. This in turn lowers your stress levels and leaves you feeling happy and satisfied.

Is Chocolate a Drug?

Technically chocolate contains caffeine and theobromine which are in essence, a type of stimulant. When eating chocolate, these can activate the signals in your brain that leave you wanting more. Chocolate, like other drugs, if eaten in excess can lead to negative health problems.

How to Manage a Chocolate Addiction

If you've got a self-confessed sweet tooth and want to reduce your daily chocolate intake, it can be managed by drinking more water, filling yourself up with good fats and setting yourself boundaries. Swapping milk chocolate for dark chocolate is a good substitute to reducing the intake of sugar and fat. It’s good to remember that chocolate is a treat which should be enjoyed in moderation. 

Obviously here at Chocolat, we are passionate about chocolate and love selling you high end products for you or your family and friends (to enjoy in moderation)!

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