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Dairy Free Chocolate Alternatives for Vegans

Are you taking part in Veganuary this January but worried that you'll miss out on chocolate? Don't despair, because you can still satiate your chocolate cravings with plenty of mill free chocolate alternatives.

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is naturally vegan and dairy free as it's only made up of cocoa solids and cocoa butter which isn't actually butter. Because it isn't loaded with sugar and saturated fat, studies have shown that it contains powerful antioxidants and can lower your blood pressure making it also a healthy alternative to milk chocolate.

"Chocolate is health food for the soul" - Miranda Gray

If you've never had dark chocolate before, it's best to start off with a lower percentage like 70% dark rather than 85-90% dark which can be bitter tasting on the first try.

Oat 'Milk' Chocolate

With the rise and increasing popularity of plant based milks, oat milk is currently proving to be the favourite in the UK with sales almost doubling in 2020. It's the most sustainable choice compared to other plant milks like almond and soya and helps create a 'creamy' like texture when used in dairy free chocolate.

Our Favourite Vegan Brands

We recommend King Monty and NOMO as our top tasting vegan chocolate brands. They both use rice milk as the base, creating a smooth milk chocolate-like flavour and texture.

Here at Chocolat, we sell a range of vegan friendly chocolate including a luxury vegan truffle and praline collection box made from oat milk! Check out our range here.